Artist-in-residence program in Denmark 2009

Application deadline: August 15 2008


To promote creative exchange between Danish and foreign artists and art institutions, The Danish Arts Council has established an artist-in-residence program in Denmark. The program makes it possible to invite artists from abroad to stay and work in Denmark for extended periods.

The Danish Arts Council will let individuals or institutions within the Danish art world propose candidate artists from abroad – preferably with a view of working together with the artists during their staying in Denmark on projects such as exhibitions, workshops, public talks, and the like. Based on the proposals submitted, The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for International Visual Art will decide whom to invite.

What the Artists are Offered

In 2009, the program offers residencies ranging from 3-6 months, but application for shorter periods of residency is also possible.

In Copenhagen, The Visual Arts Centre will provide the residents with living space and studios free of charge. The program also allows individuals or institutions outside of Copenhagen to organize one or more artist residencies of 3-6 months of duration – perhaps linked to the location in question. In the case of a residency outside of Copenhagen, it is up to the applying institution or individuals to find accommodations and studio space for the artist, subsequently financed by the program within an economic framework agreed upon in advance. The program does not cover the accommodation or expenses of accompanying family members.


Each artist receives a grant of 10.000 DKK per month to cover expenses.

Who May Apply and What is the Procedure

1. Individuals as well as institutions, galleries or other members of the Danish art world may propose artists from abroad for the program.

2. Before a proposal is made, the artist must be contacted to ensure that he or she is interested in and able to accept a residency in Denmark of the proposed duration. Residency outside Copenhagen furthermore requires securing accommodations and studio facilities for the artist in advance.

A well-founded proposal must be forwarded by mail, containing the following:
- a presentation of the artist and his or her artistic work
- descriptions of plans you may have for collaborations with the artist (exhibitions, public talks, workshops, or the like.)
- information on when the artist wants to arrive and the term of residence (3-6 months)
- a budget including travel expenses and – in the case of proposals for residency outside Copenhagen - expenses for the artist’s accommodations and studio facilities to be financed by the program
- information on how the artist can be contacted

Deadline for Proposals and Replies

Proposals for residency during 2009 must be received prior to August 15 2008. Replies can be expected within 10 weeks after the deadline.


Please send proposals to
The Danish Arts Council’s International Committee for International Visual Arts

The Danish Arts Agency, The Visual Arts Centre HC. Andersens Boulevard 2
DK-1553 Copenhagen V

Further information on DIVA can be found on the website


or please contact Merete Jankowski

email: merjan@danish-arts.dk
phone: +4533744527

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