Call for Artist Project:
Art All Around ™, A Unique Arts and Industry Collaboration

Application Deadline: June 25, 2008; Submission guidelines at

Available Cash Prizes: 10,000 USD for 5-semifinalists; one of 5 semi-finalists receives an additional 20,000 USD for one winning design, totally 30,000 USD for grand prize winner; travel and accommodations in Maine, United States for one week for 5 semi-finalists in August, 2008.

Participants: Everyone of any nationality and of any age. In the case of a group project, the collective must designate one member to represent them.

Jurors: Paco Barragán, Independent Curator and Art Consultant, Madrid, Spain; Mark H.C. Bessire, Director and Lecturer, Bates College Museum Art, Maine; Linda Earle, Executive Director of Programs, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture; Oliver Kielmayer Director, Kunsthalle WinterthurZurich, Switzerland; W. WestonLaFountain, Gallery Director, The Jameson Art Group; Elizabeth M. Salamone, South Portland Resident, Architect and Designer Liaison Creative Office Pavilion; Alice Spencer, Artist and Co-Founder, Peregrine Press, Portland, ME; Edward Leger, Programme Officer Arts Branch, Province of New Brunswick, Canada; Sener Pasalic,Manager, Natural Gas Desk Marketing, Sprague Energy, Portsmouth, NH.

Description: The Maine Center for Creativity announces an open call for a juried design competition for a major public art work using Portland, Maine's Sprague Energy Corporation 16 of more than 35 above-ground storage tanks as a canvas. From land, sea and air, the Sprague "tank farm" is a prominent feature on the Portland Harbor. The Art All Around™ competition invites entrants to submit a graphic vision for painting 8 entire tanks (tops and sidewalls, shown in purple on the site aerial map at http://www.artallaround.com) and the tops only of 8 additional tanks (shown in red on the site aerial map at http://www.artallaround.com ) within the Sprague tank farm. Approximately a quarter-million passengers travel past on the highway everyday. In addition, everyone who flies into the Portland Jetport sees this site from above.

The final site-based project includes a total of 16 tanks. Each entrant will submit 4 JPG images, which represent photographic views of only 9 of the tanks. All entrants will download the same 4 JPG images to alter to present their design entry. There are a limited number of commercial paint colors to use. (See Submission Requirements at http://www.artallaround.com ).

Five semi-finalists will be selected from Stage I of the competition. Stage II will bring the 5 semi-finalists to Portland for a site visit and a more in-depth study of the Sprague tank farm site. The 5 semi-finalists will need to submit a comprehensive design presentation showing how their design will apply to all of the 16 storage tanks. Although Stage I of the competition does not involve submitting designs for all of the tanks to be painted, all entrants should be aware of the fact that the separate tanks will need to work together as an aesthetic whole.

Only one winner will be selected whose vision will be applied to 16 of the tanks. As a result, there will be no multiple winning designs for different tanks and there will be no combining of designs after submission. Note that the winner will not physically paint the tanks or supply the paint for the project. Rather, the winner will only provide the graphic design and specifications. Entrants should be aware that industrial painters ultimately applying the paint to the tanks will not be able to reproduce graphic designs that are too intricate.

Jean Maginnis


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