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At Independent Collectors we want to enable collectors and those striving to become collectors to meet likeminded individuals from around the world, to discuss artists, galleries and events, to showcase their own collection and to manage their network of personal contacts. Some say collectors prefer to hunt alone. We think that hundreds of registrations from over twenty nations indicate: This might be a myth.

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Here are some features we believe will help you:

Gallery rating, storage function for your private collection, unlimited private and public exhibitions for each account, search functions, international event calendar, private messaging functions, network feature, personal profiles … and there is more to come!

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Independent Collectors in 87 Seconds (a movie, get your popcorn)

"Art collectors are all weird people."

Tell us about it. Some even say: "Collecting is only for rich people." Don’t believe them. Collecting is fun, exciting, sometimes frustrating, fulfilling, thrilling … and you can start with zero experience, little time and next to no budget," just like Tommi Brem. He’s writing a blog for Independent Collectors so that everyone can follow him on his path to becoming a full-fledged collector (with seven artworks by six artists in five months, he is off to a fast start…)

The Upcoming Collector’s Blog

Independent Collectors was started by a small group of aspiring young collectors in June 2008 and is rapidly expanding to encompass an international network of like-minded art collectors and enthusiasts. It is free to join and our aim is to extend our community so that we, and you, will have a stronger pool of information and resources as we grow our collections.

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