The Naked Country . Freeze! I'm an Immigrant!

The Naked Country or Freeze! I'm an Immigrant!
. 2012

Video Installation
300 x 300 x 350cm

1. IMMIGRANTS: After contacting institutions that support immigrants, short interviews will be recorded in video with the ones who agreed to participate. They will be asked to say: Freeze! I'm an Immigrant! at the end of the short interviews.
2. MEDIA IMAGES: A selection of short movies and images will be researched in media files. This material will be edited with the videos from previous fase IMMIGRANTS to create a short video of 5 to 7 minutes. In Looping.
3. AIRPORT: An on-line system will capture in real time the airport speakers. The sound is independentlly from the video sound, and both are ON simulteinously, balanced.
4. GLASS BOX: Glass cube object made with 5 sides (300 x 300cm) in glass and the base is a support about 50cm from the ground. Inside are the projector (pointing up, 45º), the gas machine and the connections to the speakers. Maintaining the cube full of somoke, the space is converted in the screen to the video projection. Two speakers are placed in each side of the support, one with the video sound and other with the airport sound.

NOTE: This project is participating in the EMDASH Award 2012. Applications are already closed.
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