Call for proposals for site-specific intervention in Lima


Call for proposals from artists based in Latin America for public interventions in downtown Lima.

One project will be selected to participate in early June together with four other specially commissioned site-specific projects for Centro Abierto 2012.

Deadline: April 13, 2012.

Online registration: www.centroabierto.org
Organized by: Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA, Fundación Telefónica and Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI

Centro Abierto. Site-specific Interventions in Downtown Lima is a public art exhibition that will take place June 8–17, 2012.

In recent years a number of initiatives have been undertaken to renovate downtown Lima to a growing metropolis of over 8 million inhabitants. Within this framework, the city center has become a site with great potential for the development of contemporary art projects. With this in mind, Alta Tecnología Andina (ATA), Fundación Telefónica and the Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI) launched in 2009 a public art project for artists currently based in Latin American countries.

In 2012 Centro Abierto has transitioned from being exclusively an open call into a curatorial project, in which contemporary creators have been specially invited to develop four site-specific interventions, establishing a circuit for Lima’s passersby to encounter works that address the city’s past and present.

While some commissions will engage with historic or even mythical aspects of the configuration of the city and its surroundings, others will explore its possible futures—either from a perspective akin to science fiction or with a poetic and conceptual approach—inviting citizens to imagine new ways of understanding Lima’s urban space. Centro Abierto aims to promote the development of contemporary works that stimulate new ways of understanding artistic interventions in the public space, beyond traditional ideas that constrain the notion of public art to that of the monument.

Commissioned projects
Teresa Burga (Iquitos, 1935); Raimond Chaves (Bogotá, 1963) and Gilda Mantilla (Los Angeles, 1967); Elio Martuccelli (Lima, 1968) and Héctor Zamora (México, D.F., 1974).

Curatorial team
Tatiana Cuevas (Mexico D.F. 1975), Jorge Villacorta (Lima 1958) and Sharon Lerner (Lima, 1979).

Further to these commissions, there will be one additional project selected from the open call.

Artists are invited to present site-specific projects for possible locations at Plaza Mayor, Jirón de la Unión, Parque de la Democracia as well as the facade of the Sudamericana building. Artists can also suggest an additional location for the development of their work in the nearby areas of Plaza San Martin and Plaza Mayor.

Proposals by individual artists or collectives are welcome. All projects must be original (not previously produced) and should adhere to the language and means of contemporary art.

The selection committee will choose one project, which will receive USD 10,000 for production, installation and dismantling of the work and a USD 1,000 fee for the artist or collective. Artists not living in Lima will also receive support for one air ticket as well as accommodation for up to fifteen days for one person during the production and installation of the work.

The selected project will be presented together with the four commissioned works from June 8 to June 17 as part of Centro Abierto 2012.

Selection committee
Pedro Pablo Alayza, Department of Cultural Affairs, Metropolitan Municipality of Lima; Tatiana Cuevas, Independent curator; Lucía García de Polavieja, Manager of cultural projects, Fundación Telefónica; Sharon Lerner, Curator of contemporary art, MALI; and Jorge Villacorta, Independent curator and President of ATA.

Important Dates

- February 23 - April 13: Online registration (www.centroabierto.org), proposals will be received until 23:00 hours (UTC/GMT -5h) April 13, 2012
- May: The selected project will be announced.
- May 21–June 7: Production and installation of works
- June 8–June 17: Exhibition of site-specific work during Centro Abierto 2012.

For further information visit www.centroabierto.org

About the curators

Tatiana Cuevas (Mexico D.F., 1975)
Curator of contemporary art at MALI (2008-2011), she was in charge of launching the program MALI Contemporáneo. She obtained a degree in Art History by the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico D.F. and holds a Masters degree in Curating Contemporary Art by the Royal College of Art in London, UK. Lives in México, D.F., where she works as an independent curator.

Sharon Lerner (Lima, 1979)
Holds a Masters in Curatorial Practice by the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, USA. In 2010 she obtained the 101 Curatorial Fellowship from the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts and the Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco. Currently works as curator of contemporary art at MALI. Lives and works in Lima.

Jorge Villacorta (Lima, 1958)
Art critic and independent curator. Holds a degree in genetics by the University of York, Great Britain. Between 1993 and 1998 he taught History of Photography at the Instituto Gaudí and since 1997 teaches Art and Communication at the Graduate School of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Villacorta has curated multiple exhibitions in Lima and abroad. Lives and works in Lima.

About the artists

Gilda Mantilla (Los Angeles, 1967) y Raimond Chaves (Bogotá, 1963)
Mantilla and Chaves began their collaboration in 2000, developing different projects that prompt unusual artistic experiences in the public space through the interaction with passersby. Their more recent projects include: Observaciones sobre la ciudad de polvo, Galería ProjectSD, Barcelona and Galería Revolver, Lima (2010); Mal de América (Dibujando América), Galería ProjectSD, Barcelona (2007); Descomposición del paisaje – Dibujando América, Centro Cultural de España, Lima (2007); Gabinete de la curiosidad, Museo de Arte de Lima-MALI (2006) and Dibujando América, Patio Herreriano Museo de Valladolid, Spain (2006) and Casa de América, Madrid, Spain (2005). Both live and work in Lima.

Elio Martuccelli (Lima, 1968)
Martuccelli holds a degree in architecture from the Universidad Ricardo Palma in Lima and a PhD in Architecture Theory and History by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He is editor of the magazine Arquitextos and author of Arquitectura para una ciudad fragmentada. Ideas, proyectos y edificios en la Lima del s. XX (Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima, 2000); one of the few Peruvian publications that approach Lima’s architecture and urbanism from a socio-historical perspective. Martuccelli is also a visual artist. In the 80s he was part of Los Bestias, a group of young students from the Universidad Ricardo Palma that developed interventions with experimental architecture in Lima. Lives and works in Lima.

Héctor Zamora (Mexico D.F, 1974)
Zamora has developed his career linking his interests to architecture, specially to the use of light structures. His work is characterized by the development of incisive comments about urban contexts usually creating interventions with a strong sculptural component. His most recent solo shows include: Zeppelin Schärme, Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany (2011); White Noise, Auckland Festival, Auckland, New Zeeland (2011); Offered paradises, Museo El Eco, Mexico D.F, Mexico (2011) and Errant, Proyecto Margen. Río Tamanduateí, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2010). Zamora is represented by Galería Labor, Mexico D.F., Mexico. Lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Teresa Burga (Iquitos, 1935)
Since the 70s Teresa Burga’s work incorporated experimental processes and new creative strategies unusual in the Peruvian context such as the use of information and scientific data showing a clear interest for working with concepts. Her works assumed the form of reports, descriptions and diagrams that document actions or become proposals, using statistics to read her surroundings. Recent exhibitions include: Teresa Burga. Informes, esquemas, intervalos at ICPNA (Lima, 2010) and Die Chronologie der Teresa Burga. Berichte, Diagramme, Intervalle. 29.09.11. at the Württembergisher Kunstverein (Stuttgart, 2011). Her work was included at the 12 Istanbul Biennial (Istanbul, 2011). Lives and works in Lima.


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